The economics, structure, and behavior of platform ecosystems and organizations

Stowe Boyd -- Managing Director of Work Futures and Editor-in-Chief of On The Horizon. Exploring the ecology of work and the anthropology of the future.

David Card -- Managing editor of On The Horizon. Watching the intersection of tech, media, and people.

On The Horizon is always interested in spreading ideas about the economics, structure, and behavior of platform ecosystems, and the corresponding reordering of business operations and organization. We selectively accept relevant outside contributions from experts and reporters, including occasionally re-publishing existing content.

We’re looking for analysis, case studies, and interviews with experts and practitioners to understand the dynamics of self-organizing systems of increasing complexity, and to uncover the boundaries of markets, governments, and new forms of governance for open, distributed, and decentralized business ecosystems. For an idea of our approach and potential topics, take a look at this interview with On The Horizon’s Stowe Boyd.

We are looking for original, forward-looking articles that share unique and useful information on those topics. How-to articles, actionable advice, or analytical think-pieces that offer new ideas or unique experience are welcome. Needless to say, we’re not interested in product or company pitches and, as our audience is deeply experienced, we don’t need basic treatises on economics or organizational practices.

If you’d like to be a contributor or collaborator, or pitch us an idea, contact us with the form below. All On The Horizon articles are subject to editing. We’ll promote your content on the site, in our newsletter, and via social media. Fees are negotiable.

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